Cem Ulug, was born in 1971 in Istanbul, arrived in Berlin in 1973 as the son of an immigrant family. In 1989 he started an education as an interior decorator, this ended prematurely because of an internship as a lighting technician, which was his dream job. Thereafter he worked in a variety of fields including: electrician, barkeeper, decorator. From 2006 to 2009 he had the great luck to work for a very good friend and renowned artist (Thomas Zipp). In his studio he had the opportunity to become introduced to the art world and learned a great deal. This was the moment when he decided to become an artist himself. In 2010 he completed his service at the Turkish military. Back in Berlin, he was busy with Dadaism and he let himself be very inspired by collages. More or less by coincidence, he created his first collage in August 2011. The collage was decorated by a frame he had collected over the years at flea markets. That was the beginning of his passion. At the beginning of that year a friend of his came to visit, a gallery owner (Gallery & Shop BOX32), who asked him if all works were his, and why not exhibit them. He liked his work and he offered to exhibit in his gallery. In February 2014 he had first, very successful exhibition and considering the positive feedback Cem would like to further establish himself as an artist. He has a great passion for developing and working every day for several hours. With his work he wants to arouse resistance against oblivion, without wishing to attack others personally or politically, because the past can not be undone.